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The Kickapoo Valley Reserve maintains enforcement staff to uphold safety of its users and protection of the natural features of the Reserve. Enforcement officers are fully qualified and certified police officers by the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice.

KVR Officers are not full-time staff. For any emergency, contact the sheriff’s office by calling 911. For non-emergency enforcement issues, contact  the KVR office during office hours or the Vernon County Sherriff’s office after office hours to relay a request to summon an officer. The KVR police maintain mutual aide agreement with Vernon County sheriff’s office and other local municipalities.

User Fees
With the exception of individuals actively hunting, trapping, or fishing in the appropriate seasons, all KVR users need to purchase a user permit. Day use and annual permits include parking with in the Reserve, but do not include camping fees. Campers are required to purchase a camping permit as well as a day use pass, if applicable. Any vehicle (including those who are hunting or fishing) parked at a canoe landing is required to display a parking permit, unless a day use, annual pass, or camping permit is present on vehicle.  




Courtesy Notices

Officers will issue a courtesy notice on a vehicle or  to a person who does not display proof of purchasing a KVR permit. The courtesy notices are a “please pay reminder” and are not recorded on any state or county records. No additional fees are applied at this time. Payments of courtesy notices can be made at the KVR office or online at: Please include user permit copy and courtesy notice with payment. Failure to pay after receiving a courtesy notice may result in additional fines. If, by chance, an officer incorrectly leaves a courtesy notice at your vehicle (i.e. overlooked/did not see permit), please bring it to the visitor center and the courtesy notice will be revoked.





Emergency Alerts

Contact KVR

The Kickapoo Reserve Management Board acknowledges that the state and federal lands that comprise the Reserve fall within the ancestral homelands of First Nations people including the Hooçak Nation. We recognize the sovereignty of the Hooçak and other First Nations and will work towards a shared future by continuing to create collaborative opportunities to protect and preserve these lands.

Kickapoo Valley Reserve | S3661 State Highway 131 | La Farge, Wisconsin 54639 
Phone: 608-625-2960 | FAX: 608-625-2962

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