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The Kickapoo Valley Reserve (KVR) was created through citizen involvement and continues to thrive on similar efforts.

The Kickapoo Reserve management board (KRMB) consists of local citizens making decision on the operations and policies of the Reserve. Furthermore, many local citizens attend, express views, and comment on the various KRMB committees.

The Friends of the KVR is an integral part of the KVR education program, assisting and volunteering for the annual events that serve as fundraisers.

Numerous volunteer activities are available to fit your interests and capabilities. Links to the right can provide more information.




View of Kickapoo River looking dwon along a rockface

Kickapoo Valley Reserve | S3661 State Highway 131 | La Farge, Wisconsin 54639 
Phone: 608-625-2960 | FAX: 608-625-2962

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