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The Kickapoo Valley Reserve Board meets on the third Thursday of each month (typically not in July) at the Visitor Center at 7pm.

The Kickapoo Reserve Management Board (Board) is an eleven-member citizen board that is attached to the Wisconsin Department of Tourism under section 15.03, Wisconsin Statutes.  The Board is created under section 15.445(2), Wisconsin Statutes, and consists of the following members appointed by the governor to serve for staggered three-year terms:

1. Four members who are residents of the area composed of the villages of La Farge and Ontario, the towns of Stark and
     Whitestown, and the school districts encompassing the villages of La Farge and Ontario.

2. Two members who are residents of that portion of the Kickapoo River watershed, as determined by the Department of
     Natural Resources, that lies outside of the area specified in #1.

3. Three members who are not residents of the watershed specified in #2, one of whom shall be an advocate for the 
     environment, one of whom shall have a demonstrated interest in education, and one of whom shall represent recreation 
     and tourism interests.

4. Two members who have an interest and knowledge of the cultural resources within the Kickapoo River watershed, to be
     recommended by the Ho-Chunk Nation.

The Board manages the Reserve on behalf of the Ho-Chunk Nation and the State of Wisconsin. The Board duties and powers are outlined in section 41.40, Wisconsin Statutes. The steps are outlined in the KRMB Nominating Procedure Summary.

The rules of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve are defined in chapter KB 1, Wisconsin Administrative Code.

The Kickapoo Valley Reserve Board meets on the third Thursday of each month (typically not in July) at the Visitor Center at 7pm.
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Current Board Members

Local Residents: Susan C. Cushing (KRMB Secretary); Travis Downing (KRMB Secretary); Scott Lind; Reggie Nelson.

Watershed Residents: Luke Zahm; Richard T. Wallin (KRMB Chair)

Non-Watershed Representatives: Julie Hoel (Education);  William L. Quackenbush (Environmental); Dave Maxwell (Recreation/Tourism)

Ho-Chunk Cultural Resource Representative:  Adlai J. Mann

Ho-Chunk Cultural Resource Representative: Tina Brown

State Agency Liaisons: Vacant (Department of Administration); Andrew Haffele (Department of Natural Resources); Mark Tallman (Wi Economic Dvlp Corp); Joe Blum (Department of Transportation); Sherman Banker (State Historical Society);  Andrew Nussbaum (Department of Tourism); John Exo (UW Extension)

Staff Contact Information


Kickapoo Valley Reserve | S3661 State Highway 131 | La Farge, Wisconsin 54639 
Phone: 608-625-2960 | FAX: 608-625-2962

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