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Volunteer opportunities exist at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve for individuals and those wishing to join or assist with special events.

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Join a Volunteer Group 
The Friends of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve
KVR Horse Power - Join a group of equestrian enthusiast working to promote trail riding in the Reserve.
Adopt-a-Trail Program - Groups or individuals are welcome to assist with trail monitoring and maintenance.
Citizen-Based Monitoring in the Kickapoo Valley - Groups or individuals can help collect nature-related data for the KVR or other organizations.

Other local volunteer/non-profit groups are listed on the area information page.

Volunteer Agreement



Friends of teh KVR serve pasta during the Past Supper held the night before the Dam Challenge

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

  • Become a volunteer or instructor for the Education Program.
  • Share your expertise through presenting a Saturday or evening program or workshop to the general public.
  • Provide the Reserve office updates of trail and river conditions.
  • Collection and disposal of litter.





    Friends of the KVR

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    Kickapoo Valley Reserve | S3661 State Highway 131 | La Farge, Wisconsin 54639 
    Phone: 608-625-2960 | FAX: 608-625-2962

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