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Becoming a Stargazer

  • Go outside.  Look up.  Be wowed.  You’re a stargazer!

  • Get away from town lights.  See map for plenty of great places to stargaze and night hike along the Kickapoo River Valley.

  • Give your eyes time to adapt to the dark.  Set aside your flashlight and cell phone.  If you need a little light, red or amber is best.

  • There’s a lot to see with just your eyes.  If you already have binoculars, use them to see even more.  You don’t need a telescope.

  • Be warm and comfortable.  Dress for 20 degrees cooler than the temperature. Remember healthy snacks and warm beverages.   Bring a blanket or air mattress or reclining chair.

  • Be safe.  Bring a buddy or let someone know where you are headed.

  • Like Driftless Stargazing to find out when amazing things are happening in the skies.

  • Meet your fellow stargazers at Iowa County Astronomers , Starsplitters of Wyalusing , La Crosse Area Astronomical Society

  • EarthSky has daily updates of things to see.

  • Sky&Telescope has weekly updates of things to see.

  • Skymaps has a free monthly star map you can print off and bring.

  • ClearOutside lets you know how cloudy it might be.

  • LightPollutionMap (search La Farge, WI) shows how dark the skies might be. 

  • International Dark-Sky Association has abundant resources to make it easy to preserve the night.

view of night sky from campsite K

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