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Camping at the KVR

Campsite A 

Primitive camping is available at 25 sites identified on the visitor guide map. About half of the sites are vehicle-accessible for $15/night; about one third are canoe-accessible and about one third are hike-in, bike-in, or horseback-accessible only for $10/night. Campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All campers are required to register and obtain camping permits; camping permits are available at the  16 self-registration stations located throughout the Reserve. Sites do not have water or toilet facilities. Potable water and bathrooms are available at the Visitor Center near the parking lot and Village of La Farge Campground. Plan appropriately.

How to set up and pay for camping


River access sites are challenging and difficult to get to with full camping gear; banks can be steep and muddy as the Kickapoo River fluctuates regularly. Sites are primitive with low maintenance. All riverbank camping has been eliminated due to dangers of flash floods. Please plan accordingly and expect that you may have to haul your gear up to 75 yards up hill from the river to a campsite.


You are allowed to burn dead and downed wood found on the Reserve. Don't burn garbage. Leave dead trees standing for wildlife. You can also purchase firewood from local residents.  Take care of the trees within campsites, do not chop them, or break branches or abuse them.  Many times they are the only shade for that campsite.  Be sure to protect the trees that exist.

Leave No Trace - Going in the Woods
Please follow these 3 simple steps when nature calls:

1) Find a spot at least 200 steps from any water source. 

2) Dig a hole 6-8 inches deep and bury human waste.

3) Pack out used toilet paper. 



Leave No Trace
The beauty of the Reserve is unrivaled. To preserve it for future generations, we ask that you leave no trace of your visit.

"Pack it in; pack it out" - pick up and pack out all of your litter. Burying or leaving trash is unacceptable, as is burning items such as aluminum cans and foil, cigarette butts, bottle caps, glass, folding chairs, chemically treated wood, untreated lumber with nails or screws, plastics, or Styrofoam in your campfire. Only burn paper, cardboard, and untreated wood.

Please minimize your impact...
 - Use existing fire pits; don't burn garbage.
 - Observe posted camp area capacity limits. 
 - Prevent human waste from entering water.
 - Leave the site better than you found it.
 - Respect the serenity of the area - keep noise to a minimum.

Please treat the Reserve with respect. Future access depends on your stewardship. 

To the right are brief descriptions of campsites in the Reserve. Access listed at each site can be defined as……

No Vehicle Access – Parking is greater than 1000 feet from the campsite. Site access is via trail or canoe.

Vehicle Access Nearby - Parking is less than 500 feet from the site, although not possible for a camper or trailer to be on the site.

Full Vehicle Access – Parking is available on the site.

River Access Only – The site does not have a trail leading to it. Access is best via canoe or kayak. 

Each site has a posted capacity limit. All are limited to 10 people. All campsites are intended for one group, family, or party.

Willow Camp (D) has four individual campsites and is for self-contained units only. 

Large groups camping on the Reserve need to apply for an event permit at least 30 days prior to the anticipated date. Contact the Reserve office for more information.

 2020 Updated Campsite Information:
In 2020 all campsites along the Kickapoo River have been moved out of the flood plain.  Camping is allowed in designated sites only.  River accessible sites are:  E, L, M, S, U, V, W, X.   All have primitive landings and require a short hike to higher ground.   All campsites are first come first served.  View our most current river guide for more campsite information. 



Area Information

Emergency Alerts

Campsite Descriptions
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The Kickapoo Reserve Management Board acknowledges that the state and federal lands that comprise the Reserve fall within the ancestral homelands of First Nations people including the Hooçak Nation. We recognize the sovereignty of the Hooçak and other First Nations and will work towards a shared future by continuing to create collaborative opportunities to protect and preserve these lands.

Kickapoo Valley Reserve | S3661 State Highway 131 | La Farge, Wisconsin 54639 
Phone: 608-625-2960 | FAX: 608-625-2962

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